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New and improved skills and how to apply them


Providing Support and

Identifying Individual Development Requirements

Individual’s Potential

With This Approach, Goodman Aims To Embed A Culture Of Trust, Transparency And Openness Where Constructive Feedback On Behaviors, Attitudes And Performance Is Seen As The Norm.
Goodman Agencies therefore provides the following packages for its staff:
Goodman Believes That It Is In The Company’s Own Interest As Well As In The Employees To Pursue Development And Learning. Our Development And Learning Plan Enables Staff Member To Identify Key Areas Of Learning And Development Which Will Enable Her/His To Develop Skills Or Address Attitudes/Behaviors Which Should Enhance His/Her Performance In His/Her Current Role, Address Any Anticipated Changes, And Address Career Aspirations Towards A Future Role.

Goodman Recognizes That The Value Of A Resource Is Directly Related To Its Contribution To The Company.
We Believe That Staff Members Are The Most Valuable Assets Of The Organization.
To Maximize This Potential, Staff Members Are Given The Opportunity To Perform In Such A Way That They Add Value And Help Attain The Goals Of The Company.

Goodman Utilizes The 70:20:10 Approach (70% Learning On The Job; 20% Learning From Others; 10% Formal Training Including Classroom, Online Materials, Books, Etc.) To Ensure Its Employees Meet The Service Standards And That They Understand The Core Business Of The Company, Its Strategy And Their Role In Meeting Business Objectives.

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